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Dream Mandala Maker

1.64 usd

Free your imagination!From many shapes available, add, edit, and move items in order to create beautiful mandalas.Share the image of one mandalas by e-mail, MMS, Skype and social networks.This image can also be used as wallpaper, icon or thumbnail.
If you lack imagination, open one of the many available mandala models to complete, modify, color ...Once printed, you can make a coloring by hand.
You can also use Dream Mandala Maker as a drawing application.
Features:- 30 mandala models to complete, modify, color- Add elements from many available shapes- Remove and duplicate elements- Automatic element symmetry around the mandala center- Modification of an element: symmetrical, position, dimension, rotation on itself, level, properties and effects- Element properties: number of identical shapes around the mandala center, background color, thickness and color of the outline- Element effects: shadow, emboss 3D, blur- Copy/paste background and outline colors - Background mandala color: black or white- Undo/redo (10 modifications historic)- Ajust mandala dimensions to the screen visible size- Zoom (25% à 800%)- Management of saved mandalas: display, remove, rename, duplicate, export, import- Save mandala image in the Android galery - Share mandala image by mail, MMS, Facebook, Skype...
Thanks to Pascal Cans et Justin Warnerfor their color picker box (library yukuku/ambilwarna).